Monday, June 7, 2010

A New Beginning(Well sort of)

I haven't even looked at this blog in forever. But something is stirring in me to write.
Update: My son Elijah is now two years old, my daughter Allie will be seventeen,
I still have no internet, my car Vinny the 1969 Valiant has developed a rod knock, and life
in the most part has been good. One of my biggest break-through's has been my new migraine management program(I have only had one headache not migraine in four months, from two
migraines a week) I alternate four cups of espresso with two Excedrin so one day coffee, the next day Excedrin.
One thing I am enjoying though is biking, for those who don't know I am well past 300lbs
so biking even a mile can be a chore, my new goal for myself is biking to work three times a week
and hopefully burn fat, not oil!
Daily I will be giving ride reports and taking pictures and posting them.

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