Monday, May 23, 2011

The Post Rapture Junk Bike

Well it seems that things have gotten better for the junk bike, post rapture anyway. Here is the pic of the junk before, crusty and all nasty, just redeemed from the side of a shed partially rotting into the ground.
Yes that is a SunTourV-GT luxe and a Selle Italia Turbo.
It is a Free Spirit Sunbird? Sears junk but I find the fit on these to be perfect for me.

Here's after paint, wheels, cotterless cranks.

Old Sugino single crank
Side profile, up in my makeshift workshop up in my storage area on the third floor
this where I usually work on bikes. I accomplished all of this in a few hours 
yesterday. I am going for a light fender-less single braked city cruiser.

Since Rhonda wasn't around to ask for advice on the build, I asked our resident bike specialist
J.D. , he is looking in approval.
Trying to make a dollar out of a penny, lukeofny


Eric said...

Do you remember what bottom bracket you had to get to fit this bike? I garbage picked a Free Spirit just like it! Thanks!

Luke Wilson said...

Hello Eric, first thanks for visiting.
To answer your question I remember putting the Shimano UN-54 unit in this bike as well(the single sprocket cranks lines up good with it) if you're going to run a double or triple you may need something different (like dumpster dive for one out of a newer "mountain" bike).