Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fat Cycling, Cycling For Obese People

Clydesdale, super Clydesdale or Pachyderm, animals, well maybe. These words are used to define cyclists of larger build. These classifications are best defined here.
I would be in the pachyderm section.
I don't know my exact weight right now, but last time I checked it was anywhere from 363-357 lbs.
I am also short for a man at '5 7" my waist is just a little smaller around than I am tall.
I however fat, do not have a hang-up, what I mean by that is I know several people ( that shall remain nameless) that are overweight that think they can't do anything because they are fat.
  I overcame this mentality fully when I moved to Johnstown, a small city(town) from the rural setting I grew up in. I walked everywhere and for the first time I realized that skinny people get winded and feel pain too.
  Now I would like to share what works for me, but understand that this is constantly changing; new products, trials, errors, failures.

I have rode few bikes being fat and I forgot to mention that I am not wealthy.
Aluminum bmx
GT mtb, forgot the make sorry
Schwinn aluminum mtb
Raleigh DL-1
Shogun Primo Sport
Raleigh Record
Free Spirit Greenbriar
Free Spirit Sunbird
Lotus Excelle Sport Series
 I have had a few problems with frames; the Raleigh's forks bent under my massive weight, the aluminum frames tweaked too much but they were both smaller frames, the Free Spirits are tanks (super heavy straight-gage gaspipe tubing), the Lotus flexes but doesn't bend same for the Shogun.
 Bottom Brackets
The cup and cone bottom brackets don't work, they loosen up because of stresses from weight (which is fine because they are pretty much obsolete). I use a Shimano UN-54
One piece cranks bend
I have only a few problems with wheels, either the axle bends ( not often) or spokes break/wheel goes out of true. I haven't had any problems with 36h aluminum rims laced x3 or x4. Cross 2 (x2) spokes break.
I like the cheapo Bell Streetser's, and Schwable Delta Cruisers they both are tough the Bell is a folder, I am also satisfied with the Kenda Kwikroller's (28c), and almost any mountain bike tire is going to do the job as long as the pressure is up.
I have had no problems with any handlebars, but realize that if you have bars that are lower you're supporting alot of your weight with your wrists and hands.
I like Brooks but they are expensive, I would have tried a Selle An-atomic but they said I was too fat for there beta testing.
Don't skimp on a saddle the better the saddle the more you will ride. Soft saddles suck don't be conned by them they maybe comfy at first but after few minutes/miles they will hurt. Sprung saddles may absorb some harshness.
Seatpost Clamps
This is something to pay attention to when you are looking at bikes, you want a seatpost clamp that is robust (because you will have to tighten it tighter)
Never use plastic pedals they are sure to fail at the most importune time, I use alloy pedals with replaceable bearings.

Hopefully this will get you riding if you are overweight. I ride 5 miles 4 days a week more if it is nice out, but this New York, and the weather like most people, doesn't cooperate. If you are overweight feel free to post in the comments what works for you.

Merry Christmas from lukeofny

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The End Of

Alan & Michael from EcoVelo dropped a bomb today, they are closing shop.
After years of being the voice of bicycle commuting and life, they are throwing in the towel.
Alot of bike blogs and bike websites are stopping or slowing down.
I am sad for EcoVelo and Yehuda Moon I will miss them.
 Here's the link to the announcement: 
Maybe this goes along with my mini rant here: