About Me

I am a 31 year old Module Operator in upstate New York, I am married, with three children. I write here when I feel, so inconsistently. I also write a small tech column for a local website.( Not any more -ed ) I have been involved in some sort of mechanics since I was really young, and can wrench on almost any thing. I have three years experience as an auto-body tech and about ten years welding as a hobby. I have a basic understanding of electronics and have repaired quite a few devices.
I love to cook, I make the meanest traditional style alfredo and a pretty good pizza.
I am a former drug-addict, and for a short time dealer. My pre-drug years I excelled in science related subjects and won many awards.
 Through my academics I was able to take basic ground school and flew an airplane at age eleven. Post drug years I have accepted Jesus to be my saviour and have found new meaning and direction in life.
I was also a youth group leader and gave sermons to the congregation on several occasions.
I ride a bicycle to work for fun, I do own a car, use it, and love it.
Thank you for joining me here at lukeofny.blogspot.com
Feel free to contact me lukeofny /-\ + gmail