Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring has not yet arrived

No,spring has not yet arrived atleast not in upstate NewYork. With snow still on  the ground and covering the rail trail snowmobile trail and more on the way.
These signs of winter still have not prevented me from getting spring fever, or fixed-fever, and I have decided to scrap Aaron. He will no longer be needed or wanted by me.
I did find a suitable replacement frame, actually I found two bikes. I found a Schwinn World Sport and a decent 1968 Hercules 3speed for my wife. Forty dollars took the pair.
I already started riding the Schwinn and love it. One modification I made, was I ground the outer chainring smooth( it now acts as a chainguard).
And here is overall

I will soon post more pictures of my wifes bike, my recent brews, and the plants I have started to grow.
Also the due date for our next child is Oct. 30th! Wow this year is shaping up nicely already, now if I only had a cool job.

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