Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rain URGHHH!!!

Another rainy day...

Weather for Johnstown, NY 12095

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59°F | °C
Current: Partly Cloudy
Wind: N at 5 mph
Humidity: 85%
Scattered Showers
74°F | 59°F
Heavy Rain
70°F | 60°F
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Partly Cloudy
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Day Commute

It poured today, I still appreciated the ride, there is something about riding that offers a different perspective.
Time seems to travel slower so do my thoughts, both which are comforting.
 Elijah is officially 2 1/2 now, and I love how by riding time seemingly goes by slower with more peace.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Transport by Bike( Why it doesn't work in the U.S.)

I was riding home yesterday and had a mishap, the front of the chaingaurd on Victor (Raleigh DL-1) so I was going slow as not to cause any more damage.
   I don't know if it was the fact I was going so slow that I noticed, but everybody on the trail was using it as exercise.
  I don't have a problem with exercise, ( well maybe I do since I am obese ) but these people drive to the trail with there huge SUV's unload there bikes and sweat it up. I usually pass these people on the way back from work.
  Then I had an epiphany, thats why bikes are bought at retail stores and only used every so often. Bikes are like treadmills to most people (which you find on the side of the road for free) used as exercise equipment. With our bike trail running from Mayfield to the industrial parks and other businesses throughout, it would be prime transport. Bikes are a novelty; somebody gets into them for exercise, finds out it's not the miracle weight loss fitness machine of their dreams, and gives it up or slowly declines into nothingness and the bike ends up on Craigslist.
  Maybe there will be a day when bikes are used for transport, sport, and exercise.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing Hookie

Used my deferred holiday, from Labor Day to take today off.
I rode out to Mayfield today, mainly to see how many miles it was and Alyssa and Elijah had a play date with
Christie and Jeremiah (My My).
It was only ten miles round trip, my Mother-in-Law who used to work out that way, and rode sometimes thought it was more around twenty. Haven't told her yet ;-)
  One cool thing about the short bike trail we have here in Johnstown is that there is lots of gazebo's and two parks it goes through.
Here is a pic of my bike in Mayfield's gazebo.
There he is, Victor the Vintage Raleigh

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Quick Hike

Today we went to Nine Corner Lake with Elijah, mainly to get out but also to try out the new pack.
Elijah didn't want to go in on the way there nor back, we ended up putting him in on the way back, with protest.
Five minutes or less he was sleeping. I manage to snap a quick shot before he did(sleep).
What a terrible angle for me!

UPDATED 01/31/2011: 
More pictures from that day.
Tough crowd!
The actual lake 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Best Shoes For Riding A Bike

In my twenty-nine years the best shoe ever is got to be Converse (Chucks, Chuck Taylors) All-Stars.
Chuck wearing tips:
Colder weather = warmer socks
Upstate New York only, a new pair of Chucks will set you back about $50
if you have a budget and you don't care what design is on your shoes,(or like 'em funky)
I have never paid over $25 for a new pair of Chucks at Marshalls

Autumn in Upstate New York

It is Autumn in the Northeast and that means a few things:
Hot Chocolate
Root beer
Apple Cider
Hard Apple Cider
Apple Cider Donuts
Beautiful Scenery
Cool weather
I really like fall, it's cool as in temp.
I bought two additions to the house this year,
an old school bottle open like the general stores used to have (The Waterwheel still has two that I know of under the counter)

and this old slr, I don't like is as much as my Fujica but I broke that one so 
this will have to do.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Perfect City Bike

I seen a police officer today on his bicycle, I must say that his bike nor his uniform  commanded respect like he would have on my Raleigh.
Here is a picture of what a police officer on a bicycle should look like, linked from


The last week I have been on holiday. Autumn in the the northeast is very beautiful and comfy.
Moses, my fixed gear is probably being retired for the winter and I will ride the DL-1 as long as I can, through the seasons.
Hopefully I will get  couple of long rides in before snow fly.
No, I have not lost any weight but I feel better, mentally and physically.
Other news:
A few months ago Alyssa's second cousins from Long Island facebooked (is that even a word?)
Amy and Steve (Alyssa's Sister and Brother-in-Law) asking them if they would like their old van (2001 Honda Odyssey) because they had just bought a new van.
Now here is the deal, God had told them to give it away. They are believers like my wife and I.
Steve&Amy declined and we were asked, our engine on the Valiant JUST developed a rod knock!!!!
We said yes despite our lack of money to put it on the road, or transport it up here.
Alyssa's cousins who are very giving and generous offered to Fed Ex the title up.
God supplied the money to register it, and through Alyssa's parents also supplied the train tickets, gas money, and tolls to drive it back!!!
God is Good

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Autumn Bike (Raleigh DL-1)

Finally here is a picture of the trail I ride everyday, and my new bike, looks kind of like Yehuda Moon's
Van Sweringen
Yes that is a Raleigh DL-1
                                                                     One sweet trail.