D.I.Y./How To

DIY $20 1 watt LED dynamo light

I was at "Ocean State Job Lots" and spotted this 

A little 1 Watt l.e.d. light powered by 3 C-cell batteries for $8.99
I bought it right away. 

In the middle it separates, and reveals the guts.
I took a cell phone charger apart to create a rectifier from the 1N4007 diodes and a capacitor.

This works, and is bright, but is still not as good as my cheapie B&M Lumotec

What To Do When (you don't have the little cable stops)

Another little hack, if you are like me then you have a spare parts lying around.
I used  a spoke nut (nipple) as a cable stop.
the cable
a spoke nut ( nipple )
crimping with a Leatherman
the finished product!