Friday, September 17, 2010


The last week I have been on holiday. Autumn in the the northeast is very beautiful and comfy.
Moses, my fixed gear is probably being retired for the winter and I will ride the DL-1 as long as I can, through the seasons.
Hopefully I will get  couple of long rides in before snow fly.
No, I have not lost any weight but I feel better, mentally and physically.
Other news:
A few months ago Alyssa's second cousins from Long Island facebooked (is that even a word?)
Amy and Steve (Alyssa's Sister and Brother-in-Law) asking them if they would like their old van (2001 Honda Odyssey) because they had just bought a new van.
Now here is the deal, God had told them to give it away. They are believers like my wife and I.
Steve&Amy declined and we were asked, our engine on the Valiant JUST developed a rod knock!!!!
We said yes despite our lack of money to put it on the road, or transport it up here.
Alyssa's cousins who are very giving and generous offered to Fed Ex the title up.
God supplied the money to register it, and through Alyssa's parents also supplied the train tickets, gas money, and tolls to drive it back!!!
God is Good

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