Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank You ( Something you don't hear driving )

Cyclists have to share everything, share the road with cars, and paths with pedestrians.
I grew up in a more rural area than the small city I live in now, and never had to contend with any of this.
I remember first moving to Johnstown, and amazed at all the people honking their horns all the time at the intersections. I was very frustrating to me, still is.
Then there is the bike bell, much more pleasant sounding, and more subtle, alerting people of your presence,
instead of blasting a loud noise saying "outta my way jerk."
I found out yesterday and today that people actually appreciate the bell, I always thought of it as an auto horn, 
but alas it is not.
Thank you, thanks for the bell.
How often do hear that driving?

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