Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ice 101

Today was my first experience riding on ice.
I went down stairs and opened the door, took a step, and almost fell on my rear.
My first thought was, this will be educational.
My thoughts were indeed correct, it was educational.
On the short two mile jaunt I slipped a few times but never went down. On a further note several people did slide off the road, some of which sustained substantial damage to their vehicles (not person).
Modest tips if you indeed have to ride on ice:

1.) Go slow!!!
2.) Go slower!!!
3.) Keep as much weight on the saddle as possible
4.) Stay away from spots where you know water gathers
5.) Don't lean to turn
6.) Watch the surface of the road (it's like cleaning glass, look at it, not through it)
7.) Avoid manhole covers, sidewalks, water valve covers.
8.) Watch out for cars, they don't realize that the only thing holding them on the road is four small patches of  rubber!!!
9.) Plan for going down, it will probably happen just be prepared when it does.
10.) Stay visible
Don't ride on ice if you don't have to, I did because I like to push it, the envelope, buttons, my limits

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Iyen said...

11.) LOWER YOUR SADDLE! I slip pretty often during the winter, but always manage to throw down a leg and prop myself up. With thinner soled shoes and my saddle at the correct height, I probably won't be able to.