Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sometimes I Never Learn

It happened again after my own math lesson I have managed to rip my chaingaurd off again! URGHHH!
If anybody has a solution for solving this please let me know.
Oh, and Happy Hanukkah for any of my Jewish readers out there.


Iyen said...

I have no idea why this keeps happening to you? Are you able to re-seat the chainguard to that its slightly lower and closer to the frame of the bike?

On one of my Raleigh Sports, the crank arm used to collide with the chainguard until I unscrewed and moved the rear clip.

lukeofny said...

Yeah, the chainguard is pretty close to the front sprocket, it is just because I am a fool sometimes, this phenomenon only happens when I wear pants that I "cuff" or roll up. The fold of the pants catch
the pointy part of the chainguard on the up stroke.See for a picture of the pointy part. And thanks for stopping by.