Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now

After much anticipation my Sturmey-Archer dynohub with drum brake (X-FDD),
 and  B&M Lumotec light came in from Harris Cyclery.
 I am only waiting on my rear hub now.

    I ordered the rear hub for two reasons: 1, My Shimano 3 speed frequently falls out of adjustment (annoying)
                                                                2, I wanted a drum brake since this is my primary bike
I built the wheel yesterday and rode last night at around 10:30. I was very satisfied with both the brake and the light. Also I put on a new tire and grips. I also changed over to more modern brake levers.

This bike is feeling better, and I am finding myself wanting to ride more and more.


Iyen said...

Awesomeawesomeawesome. I'm stilling pining after an X-FDD for my 3-speed.

Luke Wilson said...

lyen, I have had this hub for about two months now, I have no complaints.
Cars definitely notice me more often.