Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am A Hazard

The latest and best to date.
Setting: I live in a small city in Upstate New York where people warm up there SUV's for ten minutes to drive down to the store a block away.
I work at a "Fortune 500" company where they got money to put in a bike rack, then remove it in the winter.
My co-workers aways have some kind of comment about me riding to work, as I wrote earlier.
This is the new one " He is a hazard to us, we have to swerve around him potentially hitting another car"
I own a car and drive, and the last time I knew if there is a vehicle approaching in the opposite direction you yield the right-of-way. This however would mean people would have to responsibility for their own actions and not blame somebody else. It's kind of like that look you get when you pull up to the stop sign and the guy had to actually turn the steering wheel.

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