Sunday, April 24, 2011

How The Cheap Commuter Bike Is Going

It has been a little bit over a month now since I've completed my commuter bike.
I thought I would give an update.
My commuter bicycle, started its life as a lowly Sears Free Spirit lug steel ten speed.
After riding it for over a month now I have noticed it is very reliable, I've never had a flat, gears skip, etc..
I would also note that this bike is like pedaling a tank, it is extremely heavy, I don't know the exact weight but it is probably around the 40-55 pound range (or 18-25 kg).
This bike has 26 X 1 3/8" inch wheels (590-37) and I like the skinny-ness of these but the steel is heavy, and they don't roll well.( I've noticed this on all of the 26" wheels)
The handle bars are perfect as is the seat(Brooks B66) I usually prefer the trigger shifters opposed to twist and exposed indicator chains

via: crappy camera phone
 but I made some compromises to shield them from the weather.
The B&M lumotech is nice, brighter then what I used before and is very convenient.
I changed out the old stock rack for a more modern one.
via: crappy camera phone
Overall I like this bike but there is things that would like to change.
I would like alloy rims or even bigger rims, aluminium or plastic fenders(mudguards), waxed chain, and a better chainguard or chaincase, and a bigger rear sprocket.


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