Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bikes Made In Taiwan

Warning: this is a no photo post.

I seem to see a lot of craigslists postings about older bikes made in the U.S.A.
bragging about it not being made China or Taiwan.
Wait a minute, I like bikes made in Taiwan in fact all the bikes I own are made in Taiwan.
I gave my Raleigh DL-1 Tourist to my daughter, the others two Free Spirits and a Schwinn.
Ahh, but Schwinn that is a U.S. bike, no mine is not, probably yours isn't either.
I don't understand why having a sticker that says Made In Taiwan makes my bike any less than any other bike. Maybe the Taiwanese don't know how to build bikes, well they did a fine job on mine.
A well-built bike is a well-built bike no matter what the sticker of origin says, and a BSO is a BSO, whether built in China or the USA. I don't associate being of Taiwanese origin with inferior quality.
I have come to the conclusion that we Americans have a superiority complex, and anybody that is not American is inferior. 
In short don't judge a bike or a person by the origin, that is the forgotten American way. 

Sorry for the rant.

I am proud to own bikes made in Taiwan, lukeofny

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