Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Commuter Magic, and New Commuter

Warning: no pictures are used in this post, sorry for the inconvenience, you could always check out outdated pics here.

Commuter magic: That intuition that you are going to have a dry ride, when all other indications say no.
Today was a instance of this. Thunderstorms and hail predicted for the ride in, and for the ride home.
I knew better, when I take my dog out in the morning (4:30AM) I usually can tell what the weather is going to be like and prepare.

The  only other thing I have for today is: There is another bike commuter at the Jail (a.k.a. work, no I don't technically work in a jail, although I have less rights there, and I can't see outside ) and I would like to congratulate this person on a solid month of commuting, although I don't know how.
This person is a male and he rides a B.S.O.  and I am broke.
Please post any ideas in the comments section.
Thanks for reading, however I would still write this crap even if you didn't, lukeofny

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