Saturday, October 1, 2011

Being chased by a dog

Being chased by a dog whilst riding a bike is not a particularly fun experience.
Autumn is here and my trusty (well not so trusty) DL-1 belongs to my daughter. 
It has been dark when I leave for work for about two months now. The rail trail that goes to the industrial park 
in which I am employed as a mindless drone can be very peaceful when dark. It also home of a few stabbings and a murder. 
This story involves none of this, it involves a dog that is allowed to roam at various points of the day.
I worked at a kennel when I was younger for a short time and love dogs, and have two of them now.
I have been bitten before and I don't fear dogs.
The morning was cold and dark, the dyno-light
 was shining bright and then....
I heard a large fast rustling then barking , louder, faster, louder, I couldn't see the dog but knew he was close, chasing me catching up.
I couldn't outrun him with my commuter bike, so I did the only trick I know.
"SIT" I commanded. He still pursued. 
"SIT" I commanded once again in a super loud firm voice. He stopped cold, but my heart wouldn't slow down until after I got to work.

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