Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Fun At Liberty Ridge Farm

Since I have been making budget's lately it's been financially better for us, paying off bills and money for family events.
This month we got to go to Liberty Ridge Farm, it started as just a big corn maze. Now this thing is quite large with lots of activities. However it is pricey.
We all had fun and more importantly we had time together as a family.
All pics except last, via crappy camera phone.

Elijah in front of an old truck in front 
Alyssa, Allie, and Elijah in the big rocker Elijah was trying to get down.

Elijah, Sissy, and calf

Elijah looking at the horse, Alyssa and Allie confused.

This years theme was the hubble telescope
 This is the shape of the maze.

When Alyssa and I went here years ago there wasn't this many things to do, nor this many
people. It was a fun time. Hopefully you get to enjoy some autumn fun, and if you live in western Vermont, or eastern New York this would be a fun place to go on a date, or with a family. The link at the top.

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