Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Autumn Cycling

The weather has been extremely pleasant, all of autumn has been for that matter.
It has been perfect sweat free cycling weather. So there should be tons of cyclists out enjoying our beautiful  graffiti'd rail trails.
So many were out riding, I decided to take a picture. 
Here it is:

Yes that many.
Why is nobody out enjoying the nice weather?
That is one of the reasons I don't post here much, more time on the computer equals less time outside.
Sometimes I have a hard time with other bike blogs that post daily with tons of pictures:
pictures of them=somebody else taking the photo, pictures of scenic spots with bikes=driving or riding out of the city they say they live in, long post=less time actually riding,etc.. 
It all seems so fake. 


Killshot said...

Agree totally....though Mr Barnard had some nice pics, I always wondered how he made a living. And at first everything was recumbent, then he abandoned that. Then everything was commutercycle nirvana, now he's done. I posted what I thought was a mild response to his not so subtle pro Obama clues on his website during the 2008 campaign and was banned immediately. Tolerance was not a strong suit on the blog. I suspect Alan was never a Marine.

Luke Wilson said...

Killshot, I'm sorry for your experience. i have nothing to bad to say about Alan from EcoVelo. I don't remember any political undertones.
I also think that being a Marine has nothing to do with bikes.