Friday, June 11, 2010

Ride Report (Who cares?)

My ride was pleasant this morning, I ride on a rail trail that follows a creek, so I am sure you can hear it bubbling already.
I saw one rabbit and one jogger( didn't scare her this time:))
On the way home I realized I may just be the BIKE NINJA after all;
I just left work, and it is not uncommon to see road bikes in Johnstown even a couple of Serotta's
[Side note my Grandfather and almost everybody in Middle Grove used to work there at one time, I remember before they moved to Saratoga, they declined my application for employment for a sandblaster despite experience probably because I'm fat.] this guy all decked out in his lycra and tucked down on his aero-bars, went past the intersection, me just cruising at slightly above normal
cadence hears a small stone I hit turns around bolts across to the other side of the road while I blast past him! What gives? Roadies


Suzzi sayz said...

Ninjas Dont ride bikes. Non ninjas do AND nin jas dont say there ninjas on public blogsssss =]

lukeofny said...

Suzzi sayz, you are wrong there are Ninjas.....Bike Ninjas