Tuesday, November 16, 2010


" Are you going to put chains on that thing? " Seems to be the most popular question asked lately,
mean while I am the only person who bikes to work. First I would say " Yeah, right?" as if I will need chains
for the upcoming winter, Now I have been asking if they put chains on their car. ( that they warm up for a half hour in their driveway until they are ready to leave) It seems that the colder it gets, the more people think I am nuts, and I think they are nuts, like my neighbour, he gets picked up (score +1 for carpooling) to go a block away to work! (score -4 for laziness) I used to love in the summer on the trail, I would be getting on my bike, he the truck, I would pass him, and then see the truck pull into his work. Ha, I still beat him, two legs vs. eight cylinders.
My question is: Are people that lazy that when they see you doing something active, they want you to stop?
 I have drawn my conclusion from comments like " Don't you have car?" and the like, What are you experiences feel free to share in the comments below.

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