Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today was a beautiful day in upstate New York, my wife and decided to go on a short ride.
We would have went on a long ride had it not been for us letting my parents use our van. (We could have hauled our bikes to a longer trail)
So I asked Alyssa to call her parents and ask if they wanted to join us, they said yes.
This is one thing really appreciate about my in-laws, their health and willingness to do active things. (polar opposite of my folks)
We had a nice meander out to Mayfield (10mi. round trip)
I really wish that my parents, especially my Mom would start taking better care of herself.
I can't remember one time when my Mom did anything active with us, even when I was a kid.
    On another note, I realize the need to get some more pictures up, the Moses transformation is happening soon and I will try to photograph some of the progress, if not the outcome anyway.

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