Monday, January 17, 2011

I Am Finished ( with the book) Part 2

Today I finished Bike Snob the book.
I don't know what compelled me to want this book, but I bought it.( Well it was actually an early birthday present)
Most of you know the blog, if not find it here. Sometimes inappropriate, funny, and the comments are a whole other topic but I enjoy it.
 Like this guy I know that is from Brooklyn said " It's like a train-wreck, ugly but you can't help but look." although he did not say it about him.
The book however is written in a similar tone as the blog and I was shocked by the writing.
Eben Weiss is definitely a cyclist and writer, and the whole book also shows how observant he is.

Without spoiling the book I will say that this is a must have for any cyclist, it's a What To Expect When Expecting for cyclists or would be cyclists The undercurrent of this book is cycling is a way of life and that the best advocacy/awareness we can provide is getting out there more often and not to buy into marketing hype, I tend to agree. Eben also admits to me being irrelevant on page 72.
What better way to read, than a Yehuda mug full of hot coco?
My one gripe about the book is the stickers in the back are the same as the cover, I would prefer a sticker with the Bike Snob NYC Seal Of Disapproval like this.
Does this mean that I am not approved, heard that plenty of times.

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