Sunday, January 16, 2011

Refining The Beater

Well the snow storm we got dumped nearly 10" of the stuff, yes I rode my bike.
One good thing about winter is that I am not outside as much (also the bad thing) so I do more inside repairs, maintenance, read, crochet, brew stuff, cook, etc. Riding the beater (no name yet) has been educational thus far.
The beater started out as a 10 speed as seen here , finding out I absolutely hate 10 speeds I embarked on an adventure. To see if I can make this bike ride more like an English 3 speed or better. See previous posts for other mods I have done. All these parts except the brakes and fabricated stuff came off a old Huffy Timberline found craigslist for $18(early birthday present). Total investment so far as you see it $38

From old school crap
To old school center pulls 
Finally a shifter
The bellcrank
This is a D.I.Y. wheel thing, I made it from a Shinamo Ultegra front derailer (Sheldon spelling) notice all of the salt.  Observant people will notice my overly rusted chain, and that my chainline is totally screwed up.
The chainline is messed up because the old bottom bracket was loosening every day, that became old hat so I put in this sealed deal. This sealed bottom bracket is a 110mm so it is too short (I managed to flip my rear sprocket to line it up though) no biggie have one on its way from Harris Cyclery after my L.B.S. ( Local Bike Shop) said they did not carry one.
P.S. I got the Bike Snob book as an early birthday present I will let you know how it is.
If you don't know who he is check his blog here WARNING: It is not for everybody

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