Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rhonda, And The Cost Of Living

My heart is growing fonder of Rhonda as the days pass.

I really don't don't know if living in upstate New York is for me. More and more I get sick of this place and
dreading the upcoming cold.
Also most occupations get a cost of living increase, me no.
If there was a graph to represent the the increasing cost of living and my pay it would look like this:
As a father of two and a half (as in one on the way) kids a husband a pet owner, voter, and regular bather this stresses me out.
 But on to the land of fairies and bicycles which both are mystical things to some people.
My junk bike is almost done and I will be selling it to increase the income to my home thus slowly reducing the debt I've accumulated through very poor life decisions. Here's the link to the latest pics I have of it
On a even better note today was beautiful and I am holding on to that thought for tonight.

Have fun today,lukeofny

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Anonymous said...

I love you and I appreciate the sacrifices and provisions you give our family. It will get better for us financially. God is faithful and He knows what Hes doing. Just remember that.