Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Previous Life (Not Really)

In my previous life I also rode two-wheeled  vehicles, but they had motors, and I had some money.
Actually I only have access to this blog because my neighbor allows me to use his internetting equipment, not because I can afford $50 a month for slug-runner, thank you kind neighbor and co-worker.
Any how, yes I have no smugness, I have a car (van actually) and I rode motorcycles.
 My last one was a freebie, the engine was seized and it sat out for years.
I know I get good responses to my refurbs and the like so without further ado here's the pics of my Ninja I sold to support my family.
Before pics

After pics
Here it is after I sold it
They clearly had a better vision for than me, like most of my projects. Still sweet in my eyes.

Thanks for putting up with the most boring post ever,lukeofny

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