Thursday, May 19, 2011

Way Too Much Time

You are probably wondering why these pictures grace this page, after all bikes use a lot less oil than cars.
Image(s) are property of respective owners

Image(s) are property of respective owners
Well they are both catastrophic oil spills, not unlike what I rode home in today.
Now that it's warm, I use the bike path  multi-use trail, it's just more convenient. To my surprise it was covered in nasty smelling used motor oil.
Here in upstate New York we have a little thing called recycling, and yes You too could recycle used motor oil by dropping it off at any Sprawl-Mart or any of the other fine establishments that sell oil.
With joking and the public service announcement aside, the person(s) that did this spent far too much effort on getting rid of this oil. 
1.) They already had it in a container
2.) They spread it out over a 1/4 mile span
3.) They obviously targeted the trail since not a lot of people use it (except for lazy dog owners that don't want to pick up after there pet and like two other cyclist)
The lazy thing to do would be just dropping it off somewhere that uses waste oil or recycles it, even the landfill has an oil recycling program, all this for free!
 The point is, don't dump your oil all over the trail (with the creek below it) and if you are a leather mill don't  dump your liquid waste in a pretend storm drain (that runs constantly no matter if we had rain or not)
Waiting for people to grow up, lukeofny

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