Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Spring Bike Trip

I went on a small bike trip yesterday I am too tired for the shortness of  the trip.
My friend and I embarked on this journey to find some old house sites, we never did.
We started in Fort Plain, me with my fresh build
Via crappy cameraphone
and Jon with his dept store MTB.

We had some fun and lots of pain!!
The trail is unpaved and similar to pedaling through about 4-6" of snow, it was really soft, and littered with horse tracks which acted as jackhammers to our rear's and other regions.
I also carried every tool needed to tear my whole bike down, about 40lbs. so my shoulders and back are killing me.(Good thing I did, I got a flat)
The trail we took traveled along the old south side tracks (South side of the Mohawk River)
and also the old Erie canal.
Here's a screenshot of the trip on Google Earth.
Along the way we saw a dead spotted salamander, and a medium sized snapping turtle here
Via crappier cameraphone
She was probably ready to lay eggs.
We did get refresh at a local spring though, and I refilled my water.
Over I am really sore so I cut out of work half-day, but a good ride, and good company.
Round trip was 18.5mis. according to my comp, 18.3 according to Google Earth.


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