Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Fixie

Since the weather has gotten nice I found myself pining for a fixed gear again.
So I hit the old standby... Craigslist
I found a Motobecane  for $25 I made the call and went to the guys' house.
He opened the garage and there was tons of bikes mostly old american cruiser crap.
He showed me the Motobecane and it looked too small, then said he has a really light weight one for the same price, rattle can black and rusty. I hefted it, it was light, and about my size.
I said I would take it.
I got it home and asked myself "What have I got myself into?"
So I started disassembling it, I notice things that I didn't pick up on earlier, 700c alloy rims with the spoke reinforcements, fluted micro-adjust seatpost, S&R crankset, wait a sec, is that a B on the fork crown!
Yes I picked up a Japanese Bianchi for $25.
I stripped it, painted it, and a assembled within 24h.
Here is the result :
Via crappy cameraphone

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